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Questions & Answers About Hiring A Male Dancer

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What kind of entertainment can I book for my party?
We specialize in providing sexy and fun male strippers for bachelorette parties in South Carolina. Male exotic dancers can be hired for birthdays, private events, girls' night out, passion parties, sororities, going away parties, office parties, strip-o-grams, or just for the fun of doing this. Whatever idea you have for a party, we can help you with quality guys.
What can I expect after I book my party dancer?
When you hire SC Male Strippers you will always be able to contact a representative on the phone. This insures you are able to get great service from the planning stages to showtime. You will have the highest quality, sexiest male dancer's at your event...and you get them at the most competitive prices.
We specialize in bachelorette parties and have years of experience in helping our customers plan an event to remember.
The last time I did the with another company a guy that I didn't order was the one who showed up; I was not happy. Will this happen with you?
Sadly this is a common occurrence when ordering dancers online. You were a victim of the internet bait and switch scam which is also known as catfishing. There are literally dozens of 1-800 nationwide stripper scams who capitalize on naive and gullible customers for obscene profits.

Our website features actual photos of real male exotic dancers that will show up to your party.
Other agencies based out of Florida, New York, Las Vegas, Atlanta and other locations outside of the Carolina's are unable to do this. They are thousands of miles away - and really have no idea, nor do they care about what kind of person they are sending out to your special event. Their websites are made up of 100% stock photos or stolen internet photos of dancers that don't exist in the area you are trying to set up your party. They are counting on you paying whoever shows up. After all, you have a room full of people who are expecting a stripper!

If you don't get who you picked, the guy has a gut, they show up several hours late or even worse they cancel on you at the last minute, you have just been ripped off. With SC Male Strippers you pay when the goods arrive! You get who you picked, not some old guy or skinny guy that isn't even on the website, someone you would never have picked had they been on the website. Do your research before you waste your money on fake photos and bad service. Don't become a victim of internet bait and switch scams!

Unlike the competition, we don't use stock photos and do not bait and switch. What you see is what you get! Perhaps you're thinking that we are just saying that because we don't have as many photo's to choose from as those unscrupulous companies. We could easily use phony pics too! So why don't we? Because it's EASY to scam people. Sadly, many women will believe whatever you tell them as long as it's what they want to hear, and these bait and switch con men know it.
If an emergency should occur and your entertainer is not available, we will inform you of any changes in line up as soon as they become evident. No discounts or reductions in fee are given, but you may cancel the show when informed of the substitution if it is not to your liking.
What can I do to avoid being taken advantage of by unscrupulous companies?
Research companies and ask friends for recommendations. If they don't know, perhaps they have a friend who does. This is your best bet in making sure your party goes off without an unpleasant surprise showing up at your door. A legitimate company that has been doing business in the area for years will work hard to keep their clientele and will have great word of mouth recommendations. After all it's a lot cheaper to keep a customer than it is to find new ones! Stay away from agencies that don't identify their dancers by name; instead they use numbers. This is done because it doesn't matter who you ask for; you are getting the one guy they do have. No sense in confusing you with names. Also be wary of companies that don't answer the phone, or if they want you to place an online deposit before they will even speak to you. Scam alert!
How long in advance do I need to book the dancer?
It is possible to book the day of the event; however, we recommend that you book as soon as you can. Booking in advance will help ensure you get the entertainers of your choice. The dancers' schedules fill up quickly and their availability is on a first-come first-served basis. This doesn't mean that last minute bookings are not possible, but it does help in the scheduling and booking process.
Do we need to tip the dancers?
Yes of course; It goes without saying, all male strippers work for tips! The charge you pay is the cost of bringing the nightclub to you.
The more you tip, the more fun you have!

What will the charge show up as on my credit card?
Your card will be discretely billed as ABA Services
What is your refund policy?
No refunds, adjustments and or discounts will be given after services have been accepted and rendered. Rendered services are where ANY dancer has stripped as agreed or revealed any part of his or her body. We are NOT LIABLE for shortened or canceled performances due to the actions of guests, soliciting the dancer for sexual services, conditions of location, weather conditions, the lateness of guests, lack of participation of guests, physical abuse of the performers, the presence of minors, or illegal substances.
Please treat your dancers with respect.
If you have an issue with the performers or performance, please call our office while the performer is there; we will do everything possible to work out an acceptable resolution. Our goal is to keep you as a repeat customer!

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